Open, High-tech, Shade

Last project on Universidad Simón Bolívar, the tower makes an abstraction fron the oil platforms placed in the sea, where giant metallic structures takes adventages over the landscape.

The corner of the plot is occupied by a public staircase, which leads into the highest point of the tower, going from the ground up to the sky.

The structural work generates the image of the building, taking it into an industrial looking for the headquarter, making it a differenciator for the skyline of Caracas.

The headquarters counts of 16 floor plans for mixed use offices, approx. 350 m2 of open space offices aswell. On the interns, the orange color takes a predominant sensation, where stairs and internal furniture take this color.

Status: Project

Type: Commercial

Year: 2019

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Construction area: 15 360 m2

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Architectural relationships between nature and humankind