Nature, Stone, Woods

Entry for the Beebreeders Architecture competition in Amieira, Portugal. For Vale de Moses Yoga House in 2021

The yoga house was conceived as part of the landscape to be an inviting and cozy place, welcoming you into the practice and the journey towards yourself. It’s structure emerges from the topography and opens towards the valley between gabion walls that protect interior spaces, allowing the light and the scent of the forest to thrift through.


The construction system, based in the portuguese vernacular architecture, accompanies a sequence of spaces arranged for self discovery, for an escape of daily life, for a community in search of inner peace. It represents the relationships that as human beings we strive to nurture on all different levels: from our inner self to our wonderful, yet delicate, planet. Therefore, it was of utmost importance to take advantage of local and discarded materials, to achieve a self-sustainable building. Connected to the earth, to it´s inhabitants, connected to our Terra.

Team: Jesús Goncalves, Maria Isabel Gonzáles, Maria Gabriela Suarez, César Barbarán. ​

Status: Project

Type: Nature

Year: 2021

Location: Karatu, Tanzania.

Construction area: 216 m2

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//cbarbaran architecture

Building relationships between nature and humankind