Landscape, Nature, Ecologic

First Prize on StrawBale Ecological House International Contest in Guadalajara, Spain. 2019.

It's implantation rises from parallel lines that draws above the tererain with the intension of bringing the far distance landscape to the interns of the house.
These lines are the fundational and structured walls of the project, but at the same time it has an spatial function: it contains the furniture, structure, strawbale walls and the rain recycle system.

The houses adapts to the terrain, to the point where it belongs to the place.

The rooftop converts into floors without needing to incline or simulate new terrain. Green and rain system helps the roof to make it plain and the inclusion of middle spaces creates a good relation between the interior and the exterior spaces.

The programatic solution is worked with presition, without getting distracted for increasing surfaces of the house, understanding the way of living of Oscar, the owner of the house. Is a project well conceptualized and well elaborated, where it is possible to visualize the precise intension of making.

Status: Under construction

Type: Residential

Year: 2019

Location: Guadalajara, Spain

Construction area: 216 m2

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Architectural relationships between nature and humankind